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個人情報の取り扱いについて ( Use and Protection of Personal Information )

The personal information you supply during the application and registration procedures will be used by Keio University for (1) the procedures for application, selection and registration, (2) the procedures for administration and correspondence regarding academic matters, (3) the procedures for administration and correspondence regarding general student life, (4) the procedures for administration and correspondence regarding facilities in the university, and (5) the procedures for correspondence with the students and their guarantors, as well as other related matters.
Keio University has a policy not to disclose any personal information to a third party as a general rule. However, we may disclose personal information of students or related persons, when we must undertake an obligation for disclosure according to the law, when we consider disclosure is necessary in order to protect students' or related persons' lives, physical wellbeing, properties and other rights, and when we cannot acquire students' or related persons' approval for disclosure due to emergencies.

新規登録/編集・印刷 ( New Entry, Revise/Printout )

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If you forget your password for accessing "Rivise / Printout",
please change your password from the page to change your password.
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